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14 Sep

Life On Campus

We are happy to tell you the life at ANKOLE WESTERN UNIVERSITY, the place we call home. The climate on campus is just the beginning of what makes AWU so vibrant. AWU welcomes Students from all backgrounds from all over the world on the following undergraduate programmes; Short Courses, Certificates, Diplomas, and Bachelors. And as soon as you step foot on campus, you will feel the unique and unmistakable energy that characterizes student life at AWU.

Our over 700 students come from across Uganda Districts to achieve their dreams at Our campus. They do not just eat, sleep, study and attend class on campus. They reach higher. They collaborate, cultivate, engage, innovate, overcome and flourish here.

With more than 6 clubs and student associations, AWU truly has something for everyone. You can be part of your home district association, learn Ankole Culture, cheer Inter-faculties at Sheema Stadium, watch your favorite football matches over the weekend, and make research on the fastest fiber optic WIFI access points.

If you are ready to forge your path here, ANKOLE WESTERN UNIVERSITY is ready to welcome you home!