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06 Nov

The Education Week

The Education Week was planned and executed by several people spearheaded by Mr. Mugisha Wilson Nsigwire (Dean of the Faculty of Education) and Musiimenta Annabella (Vice Guild President). The main objective of this Week was to publicize the University.

The Week began on 2nd November 2022 with a Match-Past Kabwohe Town led by the Dean Faculty of Education-Mr. Mugisha Wilson Nsigwire. The participants in this activity were Academic Staff, Students, and Supporting Staff.

Some other activities that made up this week included Drama, Public Lectures, and Evangelism. The Public Lectures were about the following disciplines: Digitalization & Blending Education, The Teacher Policy in Uganda, and Holistic Innovative Strategies to Catalyze the Growth and Development of AWU.

Digitalization & Blending Education Dr. Ahabyona Faith
The Teacher Policy in Uganda Mr. Mwijukye Zebedee
Holistic Approach to Teaching and Learning in Need to Catalyze the Growth and Development of AWU Dr. Mushabe Joshua
Innovation and Problem Solving Prof. Mukama Namara Denes
Resource Development in Need to Catalyze the Growth and Development of AWU Dr. Levi's Musinguzi

The Week lasted for 4 days, starting from Wednesday 2nd November 2022 to Sunday 06th November 2022. It ended with a sermon delivered by Lecturer Mugizi Jackson and a thanks message from the Vice Chancellor-Dr. Musingunzi Benon. The Vice-Chancellor thanked the Faculty Dean of Education for the wonderful work portrayed in publicizing the University.