University Senate

Ankole Western University (AWU) Senate is the committee of the University Council. The senate may establish and delegate any of its powers as may be deemed necessary for the efficient discharge of its functions and duties except the powers or functions of approval of examination results, Academic Awards and their revocation.

For the purpose of carrying out its functions, the senate may establish the following committees on such terms of reference and conditions as the senate may deem necessary in accordance to the governance manual.

  • Graduation and Ceremonies committee
  • Curriculum, learning and instructions committee
  • Disciplinary committee
  • Honorary Degree Committee
  • Staff Development, Research and Publications Committee
  • Quality Assurance Committee
  • Admissions Board Committee


The AWU senate sits at least 3 times in an Academic Year at a time or place that the senate may decide or the Vice Chancellor may require. The Quorum at a meeting of the AWU Senate is 50% of all the members of the senate.

The Vice Chancellor presides over the senate meetings and in his absence the Deputy Vice Chancellor performs the duty of the Vice Chancellor.

The University Senate considers and recommends new programmes of study to council, before the Council pronounces herself for submission of such programmes to the Uganda National Council for Higher Education for Accreditation.

The University senate is composed of the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Registrar, Faculty Deans, Librarian, Bursar, and two staff elected representatives of the Academic Staff, Guild President, Minister of Education of the Guild Council, Dean of Students, Chaplain and the University Counselor. The University Senate may co-opt any member when deemed necessary.

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