The Academic Registrar

Muhanguzi Robert Mwesigye MED, PGDE, BA(SS) (Mak)

Education is understood in many aspects but can generally be referred to as change of behavior resulting from learning. Universities are established majorly for learning, research and community service.

AWU having satisfied the requirements by the Government body of National Council for Higher Education, is licensed and mandated to carry out teaching, Research and Community service Nationally and Internationally by awarding recognized certificates of the accredited programmes.

AWU distinguishes herself to be the light of the world by promoting the values of compassion and love, commitment and hard work, Integrity, transparency, discipline, and excellence as her core values. The professional and qualified teaching and non teaching staff, administrators and owners of the University are committed to ensure quality service to the key stake holders of the University.

With the adequate infrastructure and teaching facilities for both theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and values, AWU continues to be a leading community-oriented centre of learning and research.

AWU offers not only most desired programmes but also reaches out through research to design programmes that help students to graduate as job creators not job seekers. This is justified in the recently inaugurated programme of skilling every student of AWU.

AWU will continue to serve you in terms of fostering learning, promotion research and offer service to all despite gender, race, colour, religion, status, political or other individual differences.

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